Dabbling with U/X

User experience (U/X) is big to me. It’s my dream to make people enjoy what they do and I enjoy doing it, seeing people happy.

I am inherently very empathetic and passionate, so I understand others needs well (when I want to). There are a gazillion times when I must have looked at a process (eg. standing in line at a license bureau) or a product (eg. iPhone that has very very high SAR values) and wanted to turn things around, offer a suggestion, make a change. My friends used to call me a scavenger for problems, I am humbled by that. My ultimate goal in life is to become a good and useful designer, be it a product, process or experience design.

With no formal design school experience (and with no money/time to do it now) I intend to get some experience and slowly build a portfolio. This page will highlight some of my designs/efforts to make an experience something to remember.


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