What we choose to make news

the flashlight

A documentary by a western media house has done two things: brought the issue of women’s safety to our discussion table, and second, cast doubt whether there’s hidden agenda behind such a movie.

Can we afford to let the latter hijack the former?

Humbly speaking

Humbly speaking, I can be an extremely silly individual, so silly that it’s embarrassing. But the risk of embarrassment stemming from conflict of opinions and judgement forms the basis of great interchanges and disruptions. It bends boundaries, ultimately makes you the smarter of the two and makes the world a much better place. If you are like me – not born with any perceivable talent – it maybe difficult to convince the world to give ‘just another look, another 5 mins of their time, before calling you not worth their dime’. It is at times like these that we need to take that risk, appear stupid and silly 9999 times, and appear smart once. That’s it! (Note: valid only as long as you don’t have a criminal record and your skin or religion is not source of prejudice. However it is not necessary to be clean once you become rich enough to hire good lawyers).

Humbly speaking, I prefer to take that risk and ‘keep the spark alive’, not do myself a dis-service by bottling my restlessness and energy however silly it may seem, only to regret it later on! So here goes another gibberish of a blog.