Solution to the Hungarian refugee crisis in sight

The ultra right-wing Hungarian govt has openly said that they cannot allow refugees into their country since that will disrupt and damage the monolithic Christian-ness of their society.

Perhaps a good solution to the problem (which is well tested globally) is to convert these infidels to follow the cross!


The country remains clean, internal politics is satisfied, good deed done



Black Pope

The first non-European Pope (for over 1000 yrs) spoke out against climate change.

Now, maybe a black Pope is all we need.

Climate change is real, and it’s coming to you


While it doesn’t affect some as much, it devastates the majority of people when Nature strikes. Looks like it struck very close to home last week, Texas.

Here’s hoping that people are told the right thing, that climate change is real, that the world is getting warmer, and that it’s going to affect all of us, someway, someday.